Email Marketing

Email Marketing

A newsletter is a regular publication which is sent by companies, clubs, associations, organizations and individuals providing information which might be of interest to members, customers or employees.

Newsletter types

Newsletters can be divided into two distinct categories: printed on paper which are sent by post, with a printing and postage fee and in digital format sent via the Internet. The digital format varies from simple text format to a well designed Portable Document Format (PDF), HTML document or even newsletters containing video and sound.

Newsletters are a valuable communication tool for building a progressive, continuous, long-term relationship with existing and prospective customers. The company provides the tools and experience to our clients to help them design their newsletter. We offer our clients tools that improve the designing process and delivery of their newsletter.

The design of a newsletter can be a lengthy process if you are not an experienced graphic designer or do not have access to the appropriate software.

We simplify the whole process and make communication with your customers easier and more effective .