Facebook E-shop

Facebook E-shop

So, where would you go online to find a large number of customers for something you wanna sell?

That's a no brainer, Facebook has all kinds of people in one place, so whether you wanna sell little ceramic mugs you make at home or you have your own small business selling things from jewelry to clothes or any other product Facebook provide you with a lot of options and because it has more than a billion users, which is like a few countries put together, even large corporations nowadays give Facebook a try.
But until recently all you could get out from Facebook was appreciation (Likes) which is great really but what you were eventually really looking for was to sell your products and it's about time you make it happen with our Facebook store solutions.

Still not convinced to open a Facebook Store?

Facebook Stores Reach More Customers

Get access to over 1 Billion users who will discover your products through Social Media and your Facebook Shop.

Engage Existing Customers

Give exclusive offers for your most loyal fans and give sneak peeks to give a reason for your fans to talk about your Facebook shop.

Engaging Your Facebook Fans

Our shops make your products more social. Increase your facebook store views and click throughs by engaging with your fans. Facebook stores grow your business.

Grow Your Business

Create a Facebook shop to complete your marketing strategy and to build your customer base.

Real-time updates

When adding new products, changing prices; everything is updated in real-time.

Full integration

All the powerful features of a full eshop are available on Facebook store.

Facebook Shop Compatibility

Our facebook stores are able to connect with existing ecommerce stores, or as a stand alone platform itself.

We create your Facebook Store, import the products that you want displayed in your store, we set up your payment provider and you are ready to start selling.
It's just that easy. Just give as a call!